Week 64 Mission Debrief: Internal Security Memo Kappa Seventeen

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Week 64 Mission Debrief: Internal Security Memo Kappa Seventeen

Post  HanJi on Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:42 pm

The following security report has been compiled from eyewitness testimony, interrogation and forensic analysis.

At 0400, five agents known and registered as employees of the Oracle Corporation [see subfile Dossier:Lee] entered the facility though a combination of stealth fields, ETE Paint and other means. Upon reaching office complex Epsilon, which houses SCC Mainframe, they were able to evade surveillance and guards and enter the facilities vents through toiletary facilities. [Suggestion: Increase surveillance and reduce ventilation sizes significantly.] It is believed that they were forced to remove vital equipment and armour to do so.

Utilizing Sound suppression Technology, they were able to move through the ventilation systems unnoticed and arrive at the primary access terminal unnoticed, utilizing a personal grapple in order to lower a hacker to the appropriate height without triggering pressure plates. [Suggestion: More laser tripwires while room not in use?] For several minutes the hacker was allowed uninterrupted access to the mainframe, allowing him to acquire significant quantities of highly classified corporate data. He was discovered when a high ranking civilian official entered the room, and was immediately shot twice with poisoned spine pods [see subfile Dossier Gemini Tarantula Pod] and died of injuries. He was later resurrected by one of the intruding agents. Motive for resurrection remains unclear at this date.

Security responses were significantly delayed primarily due to series of explosions across entire facility, crippling several cameras. Mass coordination of security teams in response to this is believed to have overtaxed processing power of central control.

As local security forces began to respond, shots were fired. One agent engaged multiple augmented guards in close combat for a substantial period, demonstrating (as quoted from Security Guard Huang So) "unnatural healing abilities."

Despite initial success of one guard teams attempts to use flashbang grenades to subdue the other agents, they came under heavy fire from the intruding agents Tactical Weapons Specialist [see subfile Traitor Han Ji] Subsequent attempts to contain them using sonic attacks and heavy metal doors proved ineffective. The guard team surrendered. 

After managing to subdue the guards in the immediate vicinity, the intruding agents attempted to use teleport homers in order to escape the facility. Teleport signal was intercepted and rerouted to detention facility. After attempting escape, the prisoners were subdued by Guan Yu Division.

Final Results: Several guards dead or in critical condition. 
Minor Property Damage inside office complex.
Multiple Cameras and locks across facility destroyed. 

Agents Captured: 

Agent Han Ji: Ai-Jinn Defector, Current Rank 4 Oracle Agent
Agent Enrique Velasquez: Liberty Black Defector Rank 3 Oracle Agent 
Agent Tsubaki Tsukuda, Shinjitsu Defector Rank 1 Oracle Agent
Agent Annika Mitleider, Eurasian Incorporated Defector Rank 1 Oracle Agent
Agent Maxwell Positron, Rank 4 Oracle Agent- committed suicide upon arrival.

Losses considered Acceptable, agent capture deemed unsuitable for UIG's eyes.

Further Interrogation to Follow.

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Re: Week 64 Mission Debrief: Internal Security Memo Kappa Seventeen

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:57 pm

The Oracle team that were part of the week 64 mission have been captured by the Ai Jinn. They are being held in the orbiting space station "囚禁-17" (Captivity Ship-17), which is often used to imprison subjects that the Ai Jinn do not want to keep on Earth. Legally speaking the space station is under Earth jurisdiction, but the UIG have little presence in the region and this is a bit of a grey area.
Technically, we should file a report with the UIG to report our comrades missing and then wait for UIG staff to find them somehow. Once you all are done laughing at the idea of such a thing, get planning a prison break.
I'm not normally a man of fiery passion and emotions and I don't want to give any direct orders, but I don't like it when problems can't be resolved all gentlemanly-like. So I'll say this; it would be a mighty big shame if the space station were to enter the Earth's atmosphere and crash into the ocean.

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