News Reports for Week 63

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News Reports for Week 63

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:30 pm

Cyberlin Deathmatch Fever! Catch It!
The entire world is going deathmatch-crazy(tm)! As the battle for Taiwan gets closer there has been a record breaking number of holiday days booked by employees of all Corporate levels. It is rumoured that even the CEO of the E.I himself will be taking the day off to watch the fight from a private space station directly above the (still undisclosed) arena site. Buy your t-shirts and collectibles now everyone, so you can prove you were there at the very first UIG-sanctioned cyberlin battle in history!

Anarchy Hackers Disrupt Pizza Delivery Network
A group of hackers on the Anarchy network have claimed responsibility for an attack on the pizza supplying infrastructure of London. Thousands of pizzas were routed to the wrong locations or ordered illegally over two days of calzone chaos. E.I agents, normally known for their love of fine dining and high culture, have expressed anger at the hack and have called it an attack on the free market, and nay, the entire capitalist system, and say that it will not go unpunished.

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