News Reports for Week 62

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News Reports for Week 62

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:52 pm

Helicopter Crash in Seoul
A helicopter crashed in a residential area of Seoul this evening, completely destroying a clinic. Thankfully the clinic was closed for renovations and no fatalities on the ground were reported. The pilot of the vehicle and its passengers were Comoros employees and their status is unknown at the time of publishing. Bright & Sunny Media extends its condolences to those poor souls caught in the crash.

Ex-cult members tell all
The "Great One Cometh" cult was once a thriving community living in a commune in Shanghai. Over 200 devotees to the strange new religion worked to spread the word of the Great One and to worship the being's incredible powers... But since the cult dissolved earlier this week tales have emerged about much more than praying and devotion.
Drug manufacture, weapon trafficking and forced marriages are just some of the activities that The Great One condoned in its service. The cult leaders have been rounded up by the UIG and most have been found guilty and processed all ready. Who knows what other mysterious cults have grown in Shanghai since it become the religious stronghold of the New God Dawn?

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