Week 59 Debriefing: I Dream of Naked Tube Man

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Week 59 Debriefing: I Dream of Naked Tube Man

Post  Tansai Kay on Mon May 06, 2013 1:40 am

Team: Tansai, Hugo, Silvia, Shap, Han, Coraline.

The team was to inflitrate a secure bunker hidden under a NGD clinic which Tansai had been volunteering at. The patrons were distracted by a hologram of a 50 feet tall angel and latin chanting, produced by a hologram generator dumped in a bin, while everyone but Tansai inflitrated the clinic.

Once inside, the group found that the bunker contained a large contraption consisting of four modified dream hacking rigs, linked together by wires and tubes full of glowing blue stuff (later revealed to be a mix of Dream and Brain Juice) to a status pod containing a naked man.

Initially the group only saw three agents guarding the room, although one was hidden by the strange effect of the contraption that hid people from view who were standing behind it relative to the viewer. The team was able to collect some photos, but were spotted and a fight broke out. One agent was killed by Han, while one tangled Hugo in live cables and attempted to electrocute him, which failed and a second agent initially tried to take down Hugo but chose to instead attack Silvia, who had sniped the final agent, but not before he was able to nearly kill Shap, who captured him. The cable using agent was able to take down the computer systems before any data could be recovered, but ultimately all four agents were incapacitated. Some more pictures and a sample of the glowing blue stuff were taken.

On entering the boundary created by the modified dreamhacking rigs, Hugo began acting weird and began to see reality incorrectly, so, for example, forgetting the face of Silvia, seeing Coraline as a robot and seeing Han in a Guan Yu suit of armor. The man was removed from the status pod and was removed, along with the man Shap had captured who had entered a deep sleep. On the way back Hugo was KO'd by Coraline, and began having an out of body experience, being able to walk around as a ghost. Additionally, the man in the status pod was also there, although he did not respond to questions from Hugo.

We took them to a hospital (not Oracle HQ, luckily), and scanned their brains, finding all three of them had the part of their brains that deals with telepathics extremely active. Han decided to use a subspace disruptor to try and bring back Hugo. It technically worked, but the mediating(?) Comoros agent flatlined. He was nano-resed packed by Coraline, but we don't know how much permanent damage has been done. Agents Positron and Parvati were asked to come in and use their knowledge of psychic activity to assist determining what occurred.

The pictures of the rig were placed in the room, as well as footage of the strange effect.

Tansai's comments.
Not a great mission. Was under-prepared and we didn't know enough about what was going on. All non-telepathic agents should probably replace their standard handcuffs with psi-cuffs from now on.
Tansai Kay

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Thu May 09, 2013 10:32 pm

Information sales
I offered the information to Comoros, since it's quite obvious they are the ones involved in all this. Plus, the New God Dawn doesn't have many liquid assets to turn into funds. Comoros let the data go to auction.
Psychic room pictures - Bought by the E.I. They are probably looking for the psychic focus technology that allowed Comoros to attack their Spire City years ago.
Glowing Blue Sample - Bought by Comoros. Possibly to keep the exact nature of the substance a secret; plus Dream is pretty illegal.

Comments from CEO Lee
Now I'm not saying you did or didn't do anything, I'm just passing along a message. Comoros says something about giving "Their Property" back, or else they'll... Hang on, what did they say again? Sorry, I wrote it down here somewhere... Oh here it is. Or else they'll "Fuck you up, and your little friends too."
Looks like someone took this a little personally, huh?

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