Week 59: Some things of note from the Savoy Surveillance.

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Week 59: Some things of note from the Savoy Surveillance.

Post  Tansai Kay on Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:54 pm

TO: All
FROM: maskedmistress@datavault.wdn

Subject: Savoy Surveillance Results.

Been sifting through these for the last week. Most are just records of EI and other people making normal business deals, probably good for the Room, but not particularly interesting. Two major points are as follows.

EI is staying out of the cyberlin match due to a deal with the SY; they don't get involved, no ninjas attack EI assets in the Eastern Bank for five years.

Abasi Psi-Systems and Two Snakes have been meeting to discuss the trade of Biokines, which may explain the guy we found in an EI lab, as well as the weird things going on in that Lanzas prison.

Currently, I think we should put everything but the Biokine stuff in Room, then we can work on that issue later. Any one disagree?
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