News Reports for Week 5

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News Reports for Week 5

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:54 pm

Cult of Machina Attack in Shanghai!
Even the Cult of Machina are setting off explosives in the heavily targeted Shanghai Old City. UIG reports indicate that an entire block of buildings was levelled when a hive of cultist activity in an underground cavern exploded. The blast opened a gaping hole in the street above the cavern that swallowed an apartment complex, a coffee shop and a number of passers by. The UIG says that it is still searching the rubble for casualties, but currently the number of dead number at least 16. It is unknown how many of those reported dead are cultists and how many are civilians.
The UIG has sealed off the entire area and has started a large scale investigation, indicating that something more was happening than a cultist party that got out of hand. UIG officers have not responded to questions about the nature of the investigation at this time.

OTF Ambassador warns of "Cries of the desperate" in Shanghai
Order of the True Faith ambassador to the Comoros run , Brother Confucius Xi has issued a warning about the psychic aura surrounding Shanghai. Brother Xi has stated that the current feeling of panic and fear, combined with the Ai Jinn's history of atrocities in the area has made the location a hot spot for negative psychic energy and malicious demonic activity. This news would not be reported under normal circumstances, but a Comoros spokesperson has confirmed that psychics in the vicinity of Shanghai old city have been experiencing intense nightmares and visions for the last week. Perhaps this time we should listen to the One True Faith's claims of apocalypse? Watch out for demons, citizens of Shanghai, and let us know if you see any.

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