Week 54 Debriefing: Even in our dreams we are bad at Stripclubs.

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Week 54 Debriefing: Even in our dreams we are bad at Stripclubs.

Post  Ace Nizky on Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:19 pm

Location: On the moon / In the mind of Mimi
Mission Brief: Obtain information on Legacy that is locked away in this ones mind.
Team: Ace, Han, Parvati & Positron.

Note: The following mission debriefing doesn't truly exist in charactor as we don't actualy remember what happened properly.

The team assembled on the Moon for another round of Dreamhacking. The Mimi and the team were strapped into the DHRT rig and an unnecessarily large leaver was pulled, sucking them all into the Dreamscape.

The inside Mimi’s mind was a strip club that was familiar to half of the party. Apart from the them he place was populated with identical hard faced bouncers and Mimi. Specifically four Mimis; one stripper dancing on the stage, one grizzled bartender with a scar over one eye, one very very drunk partying and one in the corner wearing a smart business suit.

The group split up and tried to talk to the various Mimis in turn. Pavarti approached the bar and struck up a convocation with the two there, not managing to get much but discovering that the Drunk Mimi was celebrating recently gaining an astonishingly large amount of money. Han approached the Business Mimi and did not successfully pull of interesting her in some sort of business deal although he did discover that she was the owner of the imaginary club. Ace approached the stage and failed miserably to attract the attention of Stripper Mimi. Positron sat in the corner and watched.

After the initial round of failure the team decided to change places and see if they would have luck against different Mimi’s. Han tried to take on the stripper, which also failed miserably. Pavarti approached the business woman and, while not successful in extraction any information, did manage to learn that she was more interested in the health and safety of the dancer(s) than money. Ace went to the bar and after consuming a drink of Everything (tm) (“What’ve you got to drink?” “Everything.” “I’ll have one of those then.”) managed to pull a very drunk Mimi with his ‘witty banter’. Positron sat in the corner and watched.

As people failed in their tasks the bouncers, dream manifestations of Mimi’s subconscious, became more suspicions of members of the team. While Han drew their suspicions Ace made his way into the back rooms supporting Drunk Mimi, Pavarti went into the back through the stage entrance after disguising herself as a stripper in the toilet, and Positron finally acted, convincing Business Mimi that he could bio-augment the dancers and was offering a free trial.

Out of the way of the main room they found the Vip room door locked with a Legend of Zelda style comically large lock, complete with chains going to the corners that don’t appear to do anything.
Positron was led by Business Mimi into the managers office and discovered a giant oversized novelty key, leaving only Han in the main room. The key problem then became getting the key to the lock. Ace decided to tackle this problem by tacitly ignoring it, instead entering the ‘storage room’ and rifling around in Mimi’s memories. Other than Drunk Mimi throwing up all over her own cherished childhood memories it went well, with Ace learning about Schmitt’s interactions with Mimi and finding a massive hole where her memories of her missing month should be.

Meanwhile an invisible Pavarti made a move to take the key while Positron distracted Business Mimi. Unfortunately grabbing the key caused all the bouncers to converge on her location and things quickly escalated into a fight. Things were going fairly well until Han decided he couldn’t be bothered trying to get the key from the bodyguards and instead, in true Han style, shotgunned his way through the wall into the room. Hopefully this won’t have too much consequence for Mimi’s mind. Through the door Han came face to face with a faceless figure in a plain robe standing next to a Mimi strapped to a chair that looked rather like it wouldn’t be out of place in a dentists. Unfortuantly breaking in this way caused terrible dissonance and it was at this point that Pavarti and Ace were promptly assassinated by UIG Rangers.

In the VIP room the Robed figure whispered in Hindi “I must be ready to Strike.” to bound Mimi, who repeated the words, broke out of the bonds and lunged at Han. The robed figure also announced his intent to destroy everything if Han tried to stop him, so Han filled him with Plasma and the world collapsed.

Everyone awoke to find it was all a dream. Some confusion remains as to why there was a faceless Hindi cultist in Mimi’s mind when we were expecting Legacy.

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