Week 52 Debrief: Sword of Infinite HanSlaying (+3)

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Week 52 Debrief: Sword of Infinite HanSlaying (+3)

Post  HanJi on Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:16 pm

While assembling in the Oracle Headquarters, new agents were introduced to each other and to the veterans, including the reintroduction of Han and Hugo, as well as the first appearance of Agent Coraline Carnell. After a hearty discourse on the nature of the company, the team (Agent Ji, Agent Nizky, Agent Positron, Agent Zumisimo and of course, Agent Carnell) journeyed to Shanghai, in order to investigate the New God Dawn cell that Agent Ji's sources had pinpointed as possessing a resonance artifact stolen from the Order of the One True Faith.

The cult consisted of approximately 50 members. After various attempts at reconnaissance involving scout powder, a hornet droid and an impressive infiltration effort by Agent Carnell, the team were able to discern the location of the inhabitants, as well as the general structure. The team, minus Carnell began a slow, careful stealth mission, which was hastily thrown out when the cult leader, a man preaching a rather...extreme dislike of the Ai-Jinn, combined with an exceptional affection for a rather battered sword, declared the cults intention to slaughter an Ai-Jinn soldier.

The team intervened, with Hugo making a beeline for the sword wielding preacher, and Han providing non lethal suppressive fire on the crowd of worshippers, who responded with telepathic shields and the summoning of a telepathic sword. Agent Nizky began fire on the preachers lieutenants, while Agent Carnell utilized her EMP cannon to disable shields.

The preacher made a beeline for Agent Ji, and a close combat battle ensued, culminating in the removal of the Preacher's sword arm. Upon being struck with the sword arm, he felt an overwhelming depression, but continued fighting. The sword was picked up by one of the lieutenants, who also charged at Agent Ji. All the while, Agent Zusimo was attempting to get the sword, Agent Nizky maintained suppression fire upon the congregation until their surrender and Agent Positron did science, while under fire from a man dual wielding rifles. Thankfully, Agent Positron is capable of healing with the power of SCIENCE, so that was fine.

Eventually, the remaining resistance was quelled, the grievously injured were tended to, and then everyone was tied up to be arrested. The cult leaders were interrogated, and confessed to multiple homicides. Scientific experiments were performed on the sword, and then they were handed over to the UIG for sentencing.

Han's comments: Well, that was likely. Nice to meet the fresh faces, and I'm glad we managed to shut down a crazy cult without killing anyone. The information submitted to the room should get us a pretty penny, and we fulfilled our responsibilities under the law enforcement license admirably.
Total Kills: 0
Lives Saved: 2, counting the preacher Coraline medicced up
Limbs Pulped: 1

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Comments from CEO Lee

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:29 pm

Data Sales:
Some kind of magic sword - Comoros paid quite a bit of money for this lump of rusted metal. The OTF didn't even bother to bid on it.
Scientific scans and information about the magic sword - The Ai Jinn bought the scans and scientific data on the weapon. Maybe they're going to try and counter it, or scan for it or something?

Comments from CEO Lee:
A successful mission without significant civilian casualties, good work everyone. The UIG and Ai Jinn are pretty happy that you managed to diffuse the situation without causing any major riots, religious uprising or the like.

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