Galvanic Grounding System Change

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Galvanic Grounding System Change

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:12 pm

When armour is galvanically grounded, the books state that all galvanic damage will be ignored. This is too much of a nerf for galvanic weapons in my opinion since they all ready behave like plasma weapons and are very costly. Therefore the new system will work as follows:

Galvanic Grounder - Page 50, MoW
When the grounder is installed in an item of armour it will prevent 10x its AV in galvanic damage, not all damage. This means that reinforced clothing can be grounded to provide 10AV vs. galvanic weapons, so galvanic cannons will still potentially hurt a lot. A suit of grounded tactical assault armour (AV 6) will have 60AV vs. galvanic weapons, which should stop everything below an ordnance class weapon.

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