News Reports for Week 47

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News Reports for Week 47

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:30 pm

Tex Callahan to be awarded WF DHCM for Eight Time
Tex Callahan is to be awarded the "Duty, Honor, Country" medal (DHCM) for a record eighth time next week. The award will be given by the CEO, President Mathews, in a ceremony in the Washington DC open city in front of the White House. Tex Callahan has held the record for the number of DHCMs held in a career for the last 55 years. The previous record holder is not known publicly, as they were awarded three DHCMs for actions deemed "Of Top Secrecy" during a career suspected of lasting at least 25 years. Rumours suggest this person is interred in an ancient monument hidden somewhere in Arlington, Virginia.

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