Court Case System

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Court Case System

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To avoid roleplaying the court system without knowing any laws or being a lawyer here are some tables to decide how it goes.
Roll the dice shown and keep a running total until you reach the jury stage at the end.

Judge (1d6)
1: Corrupt - The judge will be lenient thanks to Corporate influences
2: Apathetic - The judge doesn't really care about the case and will not seek harsh punishments
3: By the Book - The judge wishes to do everything by the book and remain neutral
4: Fair but Firm - The judge will seek to make an example of the agents if the opportunity presents itself in the hope of discouraging other agents in the future.
5: Anti-Corporation - The judge almost always rules against Corporate agents, but will not risk their position by being obviously biased.
6: Sworn Enemy - Your Corporation killed someone close to the judge in the past (or even in this case). You are in trouble here.

Evidence (1d6) - The GM can add/subtract a modifier based on the quality of the evidence to this roll.
1: The key evidence is ruled as unreliable and thrown out.
2: An expert witness questions the validity of the key evidence
3: The evidence holds up to scrutiny by an expert witness
4: Your defence does a poor job of presenting the evidence in a positive light.
5: Your defence somehow misses a piece of evidence that could prove you innocent.
6: A previously unknown UIG source provides new and indisputable evidence of your guilt.

Prosecution (1d6)
1: Corrupt Prosecutor - Your Corporation has bought the prosecution.
2: Inept Prosecution - The prosecution fails to highlight key points of evidence and files incorrect paper work.
3: Competent Prosecution - The prosecution does a good job, but nothing spectacular.
4: Experienced Lawyer - An experience Corporate lawyer knows how to work the jury on cases with Corporate agents.
5: Enemy Corporation - The prosecution is being paid for by an enemy Corporation. They have spared no expense to see justice is done.
6: OBJECTION! - You are being cross examined by Phoenix Wright or something.

Defence (1d6)
1: HOLD IT! - Your defence is a genius when it comes to overruling the prosecution and having evidence thrown out of court.
2: Better Call Saul - You need a criminal lawyer to defend you in a court of law, but sometimes you need a criminal lawyer.
3: My Cousin Vinny - Your defence may not be the most knowledgeable, but it knows how to work a jury.
4: Ally McBeal - The defence is effective, but keeps having hallucinations in the middle of court.
5: Inept Defence - You just had to hire the lawyer who advertised on the back of a cereal box, didn't you?
6: Corrupt Defence - Your own defence is trying to have you found guilty!

Jury (2d6)- The jury selected determines the target score for your running total so far. Above this number you are found guilty. Below this number you are found innocent.
2-3: Bought Jury - The jury has been bribed by your Corporation. Target Score: 20
4-5: Easily Swayed Jury - Target Score: 17
6-7: Bored Jury - Target Score: 15
8-9: Neutral Jury - Target Score: 14
10-11: Angry Jury - Someone needs to pay for the crime, it may as well be you. Target score: 12
12: Anti-Corporation Jury - The jury hates your Corporation and will do their best to find you guilty. Target score: 10

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