Week 48 Debriefing: Alien Abduction

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Week 48 Debriefing: Alien Abduction

Post  Marjorie on Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:28 am

The Location: Detroit, WF territory. A small data center owned by a shell company.
The Mission: Find and if possible obtain, and if not, destroy, then Entity known as XenoKeith for return to the CEO.
The Team: Marge, Xu, Han, Tansai, Parvati.

How It Went:
Marge scoped out a small data center, and armed with a map and a grim sense of duty. Joined later by the rest of the gang, the group agreed to break into the back door of the facility. Stealth ensued, and the group broke in to find a very hot building guarded by a bunch of terrifying totally normal Sir Helpsalots. The two nearby rooms were packed floor to ceiling with cables and tons of computers, endless hard drives full of.. something. Helpsalots moved little pieces of kit to and fro. No notice was taken of us.

Down the next hallway, ten or so Helpsalots took bits of little electronic pieces and ferried them to and from a workshop type room to the main server room. There were ten or so Helpsalots, and the door to the server room and presumably the Entity was just slightly open. Han was given a screwdriver to force the door open, freeran off of walls to get to the open door while avoiding the little bots, and j-j-jammed it in. Han looked in the room and saw the orb, which was no longer a little shiny ball but instead looked like a personality core from Portal. The yellow one. Then Han felt something funny, and then Han was taken over.

Thankfully, he just stood inert, which was even better, because he was holding the powered down subspace jammer. Parvati tried to pull him closer with telekinesis, knocking him over... She tugged a few more times while everyone else entered combat. Xu ran to Han to steal the jammer, Helpsalots tried to trip him up more more or less failed to be useful, and Han slowly regained control of his functions. Marge plasma cut bunches of cables. Xu turned on the jammer, Parvati ran away in pain, and Xu ran to the server room. A HUGE massive terrifying mechanical automaton, possibly named Reptar, spouting pop culture references from the 1990s ripped through the workshop and attacked the group. Tansai and Han damaged it enough to bite through it's strange close combat shields until it powered down, but not before it brought Marge to negative hit points. She got up, where Xu was stuck in the door until Marge pushed him through.

Inside, Xu got hit with a seraphim-like cannon. Marge began constructing a subspace cage to hold the Entity in while Reptar rebooted and tried to take Han on again. He and Tansai, but mostly he, brought it low once more, but only after it stilled a radioactive glowing blue dust across his body as his plasma core bullets ripped into its insides. Across the building, Parvati got a few data leaches full of information while ripping up cables. The seraphim cannon on the turret exploded, killing Xu and Marge. Han resurrected Xu in a stunning display of shipper-loving skill, and Parvati passed Tansai a rez pack, and Tansai brought back Marge. A long-limbed escape robot ran to grab the Entity, but Han blasted it into oblivion, and all was over but for the clean up, ransacking, and making a little cage for the Entity to be trapped in. ..Oh, and the long and eventual escape from the WF. Eventually, a bunch of vans started heading to the data center, and the team ran away like so many Zoidbergs. Woop woop woop woop.

Marge's Notes:
Finally, finally, after weeks of searching and working, I have found the Entity and poor Keith. I hope Keith is somewhat happy with what I presume to be their poor collective consciousness. And I have.. no idea what the CEO plans to do with his new returned AI. Good job everyone. Death was a lot less upsetting than I thought it would be.

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Re: Week 48 Debriefing: Alien Abduction

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:21 pm

Information from the mission
Alien A.I - I had a chat with that alien A.I you guys caught. The entity that was captured has taken the name of 'Cain' after looking through some historical literature. Seems it has a love of melodrama, or something like that. Angry little son of a gun. It looks like Keith is still out there somewhere and Cain here is actually happy to be rid of him.
I've put 'Cain' up for sale, since I have no interest in being the caretaker for this here monster.

Recovered Weapons - The guns that 'Reptar' was equipped with were some pretty heavily modified heavy weapons. AMS, Y&S and Takata will be very interested in these.

Recovered Data - The hackers had one hell of a time making sense of the data you got from the network. It was badly corrupted and garbled, full of all kinds of weird codes and such. Apparently Keith was trying to collect as much historical data as possible, and he was working chronologically. The chances are good that he's with the WF now... Those poor bastards.

Data Sold
Alien A.I - A.X.E picked up this little fella after a little bidding war with Comoros and the Ai Jinn. Very lucrative.
Enhanced Weapons - Y&S won the bidding war on these little beauties. I look forwards to seeing what they do with them.
Recovered Data - I didn't think anyone would care about this stuff, but after the hackers cleaned it up someone in the American Underground paid a couple of million for it. Weird folks down there I guess.

Comments from CEO Lee
Excellent work everyone. Lots of profit for Oracle and not too much political fall out; alien A.Is don't have many friends in the corporations.

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