Week 46 Mission: Playing keepaway with a nanoswarm.

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Week 46 Mission: Playing keepaway with a nanoswarm.

Post  Tansai Kay on Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:50 pm

Location: Mumbai

Mission: Inflitrating a nanotechnology warehouse.

Team: Tansai, Marjorie, Positron and Xu.

Having located a warehouse on the lowest level of Mumbai that seemed to be a source for illegal nanotech, the team prepared to inflitrate it. A hobo was paid off and a dumpster was searched, before the team split into two groups and prepared to enter two areas that were hidden from view of the main warehouse by curtains using plasma cutters and sound dampeners.

Marjorie left her team and join Positron and Xu after Tansai accidentally cut through the sound dampener, so she acted as a distraction, running in first. Xu and Positron (in his cyberframe) entered successfully, but Marge tripped as she entered and then her should cannon fired at a droid, who then responded with a flamethrower. Xu hid behind some wrappers, while Tansai EMPed two more driods (who had been watching children's cartoons). Then the sole human in the warehouse shot her with a gun that made nanites eat her from the inside out, and she was stabbed with a Sir Helpsalot, possibly with similar technology. Meanwhile, Marge froze and then exploded the flamethrower using driod with her freeze thrower and cannon.

Tansai stuck the technician in place with riot foam, but not before he was able to shoot Positron, who's cyberframe was eaten by the nanites. He ejected himself, and distracted himself for a bit getting science readings. The Sir Helpsalots floated over to the melting cyberframe and began poking it. They weren't very bright. Xu hid behind the sofa and stabbed the battery cords of some of the robots to stop them coming back online. Then Tansai realised she was almost dead because nanites were eating her from the inside. She EMPed herself, but they responded by nearly killing her. It seems she is very tasty. Positron dealt with this using the warehouse's home made nanofabricator (impressive!) to reprogram a nanores pack to save her.

Quote: "The nanores pack didn't heal enough forms of death, so I upgraded it."

The technician was disarmed, but instead he shouted a code that turned off the D-Cell powered hard ion wall in the basement and started laughing about how the parent swarm was coming. Then a nanoswarm came up the stairs.

This cheered Positron up no end, since it was the perfect chance to test the freeze weapons on the target they were made for. Marge began open fire, while Positron teleported in a load of freeze rockets which Tansai worked out how throw as grenades (there is a difference Pos!). Xu filmed from behind a pile of food wrappers.

Then the team saw that the nanoswarm was trying to eat the D cell. No sane agent would dive into that cloud of death to retrive the D Cell, but luckily Positron was there! He dived into the swarm, removed the uranium fuel from the D-Cell, then proceeded to run away with the swarm's food. It gave chase, stabbing Positron through the chest, but he is also basically made of nanotech and he healed himself. Also, the technician also jumped down the stairs through the swarm. Dunno if he survived or not.

Then Marge hit it one more time and it retreated into a sphere at the bottom of the stairs that was immune to all weapons, so the team looted the room, finding fun nano-enhanced cloth, some syringes filled with nanites, some nano-grenades made with Kac Shim stuff and the weird nanorifle. The team loaded their haul into their truck, then called the UIG and began to evacuate the area of civilians. Marge drove off. The UIG got panicky, so we stood outside, then a load of UIG guys turned up with two Malenbrach squads. The Malenbrach went into the warehouse, which was then turned to dust by what appears to be the suicide of a nanoswarm.

Tansai's comments: WE RULE. SUCK IT, NANOSWARM. Pos is awesome with science, Marge kicked...whatever the nanobot version of ass with a freeze thrower, and Xu took out two Sir Helpsalots!...which had nanotech inside. Pretty successful mission I say. Not too much to stick in the room, but we got loads of sciency stuff to poke at.
Tansai Kay

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Re: Week 46 Mission: Playing keepaway with a nanoswarm.

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:24 am

Information sales:
Footage of Nanoswarm attack - The UIG bought this footage, probably because they're interested in that fancy weapon of yours.
Footage of Lab and Nanite Weapon attack - Comoros picked up this information. I suspect they want to get a good look at what was going on in their territory without their say-so.

Comments from CEO Lee:
I'm glad you fella's had fun out there fighting your nanoswarms and mad scientists and such. In the mean time I'll just be trying to figure out how to stop the Ai Jinn and the WF from taking it in turns to do horrible things to all of us. Maybe we can freeze them as well?

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