Psi-Armour System Change

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Psi-Armour System Change

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:02 pm

To make the Psi-Armour skill more useful I will try changing it to the following mechanic. Psi-armour based trainings will be made available soon to extend the skill even more.

Psi armour
Range: self

Psi armour is activated in the normal manner and grants the wearer an AV equal to the level it was activated at. It costs TE equal to the level of the armour per round to maintain the armour, though there are trainings available to reduce this maintenance fee.
However, you cannot use both Psi armour and regular armour of any level at the same time, this includes cyberframes. This is due to the close fitting nature of the Psi armour and its inability to extend beyond the small field of particles which Telepaths utilise to activate their powers. Cybernetic armour (such as body plates) can still be used.

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