Diplomat License Changes

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Diplomat License Changes

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:56 am

Diplomat License
The Diplomat license (Eastern Bank, page 17) doesn't really have any use the way it is written. Here are some legal powers to make it a relevant license:

  • Diplomatic Enquiry - As long as a legal and valid reason is given, a diplomat may contact a major corporation and ask them if they have any assets in a specific location (usually a single building). The enquiry will be recorded, so it is dangerous to use this ability and then to break in to that building. It is technically illegal for a Corporation to lie about this, unless the undisclosed assets (such as agents) are engaged in law enforcement work that requires secrecy.
  • Diplomatic Assistance - A diplomat may ask the major corporation in control of an area for military or police support to fulfil official, legal business. This will keep the UIG out of the loop and is particularly helpful in the Eastern Bank were the presence of the UIG would upset the local Ai Jinn. Do not expect the local corporation to help you if you have an antagonistic relationship with them.

One diplomatic legal power may be used per week. More powers may be added and existing powers changed to reflect how they are used in-game.

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