Week 44 Mission: Don't Forget Torso Man

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Week 44 Mission: Don't Forget Torso Man

Post  HanJi on Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:17 pm

Oracle Agents managed to penetrate the Xeitong facility, a civilian prosthetics facility that had been linked to previous missions and was suspected of possessing a nano fabricator that had been purchased covertly.

The first task was to identify the unusual sensor equipment that Agent Ji had spotted during his investigations of the facility prior to the mission. Agent Positron splatlined up to it, out of its line of sight, and failed to identify it beyond confirming that it was a sensor array of some kind. Small explosives were then planted at the base of the camera so it could be more easily stolen at the end of the mission.

After one failed attempt to penetrate the sealed "research" area of the facility, the team managed to sneak in using invisibility fields and investigate area. It possessed 3 doors, each of which was locked electronically. Use of scout powder revealed an office complex, a room full of unusual apparatus and a medical facility.

Each of the doors was opened in turn and observations revealed at least 3 augmented personal in each room. In a bid to take them in groups in order to preserve the advantage of numbers, the Office Complex and Medical Facility were sealed using Liquid Alloy. The team then took up strategic positions around the Unusual Equipment Room and launched a devastating sneak attack, rendering all three of them unconscious, minus some limbs in some cases. Various tech was found and secured with research to determine exactly what to be performed buy Agent Positron after the mission.

Afterwards, Agents Nizky, Sharma and Ji moved to the Office Complex and breached the door. A flash-bang rendered Agent Sharma briefly incapacitated, and Agent Ji responded with another flash-bang. A firefight ensued, with Agent Ji getting into close quarters combat with a Heavy Flak Launcher user. Despite stiff resistance and taking a lot of damage, he was able to incapacitate the Agent and assist in the take downs of the other personnel. After this, Agent Sharma stabilised the combatants, Agent Nizky began to hack and download the database, and Agent Ji interrogated the Heavy Flak User, Xie Zan, for information on the facility. He revealed that the facility were a cell trying to reverse engineer technology from a group called Legacy, and that if such technology got out, everyone in the facility, everyone connected to them and whoever released the technology would almost certainly be murdered by Legacy.

Information put into room: None, but mission leads and potential technology to be developed/entered into room at later date acquired.
Casualties and Fatalaties: 0 Deaths on either side. 9 Limbs Destroyed, 1 Door ruined by breaching charge.
Agent Han Ji's comments: Well that mission didn't quite go where I was hoping it would. Nothing really that could go in the room without either placing multiple lives in danger (particularly other members of Oracle) or wouldn't be more valuable after future research on the technologies acquired. In particular, Positron suggested that a piece of Light Armour recovered may in fact be useful in the prevention of Phase technology, as well as a tactical weapon of unknown origin.
Still, nobody died on either side...despite what the gaping holes in my armour would tell you, and hopefully the data recovered will lead us directly to the source of this technology.

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Re: Week 44 Mission: Don't Forget Torso Man

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:23 pm

Comments from CEO Lee:
Hopefully the Ai Jinn wont know it was Oracle that interrupted their top secret thingamywhatsit. I'll tell the hackers to be on the look out for related activity and to watch the front door for unwelcome visitors.
Let me know if you dig up anything juicy, or at the very least profitable.

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