News Reports for Week 42

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News Reports for Week 42

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Madrid Spire City Massacre - Latest
An official statement by EI spokespeople revealed that 20,956 people were in the Spire at the start of the Madrid Spire Seige. 5,864 civilians have been confirmed as alive and out of danger and 12,321 people have been confirmed dead. This leaves 2,771 unaccounted for at the time of writing and searching of the area is ongoing.
The Spire has suffered significant structural damage between floors 150 and 200. Ai Jinn construction experts are assessing the damage and have said that there is a possibility that the entire Spire will need to be de-constructed and rebuilt. Important economic facilities such as the EI tertiary investment banking division are being permanently relocated to other EI cities.
Can the city of Madrid recover from this disaster?
If you have a friend or loved one who you believe may have been inside the Madrid Spire Massacre please call the UIG for assistance in locating them at WDN node UIG-111.

New Dawn Claim Shanghai Neighbourhood
Over one thousand New Dawn cultists have claimed a neighbourhood in Shanghai as their own and have evicted one hundred and twenty other citizens. A message sent to local media outlets have declared the area "Ground Zero" and claim it is being prepared for the coming of the New God. Ai Jinn law enforcement have yet to respond to the situation.

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