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Merc Nicknames

Post  Marjorie on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:00 pm

Playing around with the translator, I've come up with some ridiculous names/translations of merc names. I'm having fun, and Hua might.. use these. I can't promise they are accurate in any way.

  • Ru Yu: Figure (like a drawing figure) fish. Figure encounter. Ru can just mean "Map". Figure domains. After fucking with the translator, the hanzi that actually give you a proper name are "汝玉". The first character means "Thou", all old fashioned like. Also, Disgrace Language. Eh heh heh. Also, with more fucking around, you can get his name to be "Shame Yu". Eh heh heh heh. "Shame infertility" etc. Into sterile. CREEP INFERTILITY. Creep fish. CREEP MORE. Yes. Nailed it.
  • Jin Rhee: Gold Soft. Golden Well. Damn, that's a good one. Only provoke. Only Well. Into Connaught.. Whatever that means. "Into the horse for relaying dispatches". Yes. Excellent.
  • Dong Bai: East Swing. East Defeated. East broke it. Dynamic Breaking of. Winter Broke it. Winter defeated.
  • Xiang Pan: Want disk. Want to climb! Want to bank. Steering Wheel. To nirvana. Township Haptics. Township Nirvana.
  • Yu Liu: With the flow. Fish Slip. Case of Visit. Rain Visit. Domain six. Fish six.
  • Seong Kim: Seong appears to mean "Color Oh Now wonder".. In Mandarin. Since it's a Korean name, it also means "rise" or "victory".
  • Nuan Wong: Nuan means Warm. Add a few more syllables and you get "Warm nest is no wonder." Warm me that. Man, is Wong even a Mandarin name? Also most hanzi of Nuan means.. ..Nuan. It's a real name. Here, have Nuan. "奻"
  • Chun Ma: The first translation is "Haruma". What is that? Spring Well. Spring curse. Spring Mom. Spring ant. Alcohol horse. Alcohol Well. Booze well. Yes. A well of booze. Stupid code! Stupid mom. Stupid.. Ant? Oh dear.
  • Fu Fan: Vice Anti-. Vice return. Her name appears to be "富 繁". Also, for some reason, CASH Frederick. Rich Peasants. Oooh, rich rice. She needs a girlfriend to call her rich rice. Mmm.
  • Gi Zhao: His name can mean.. "Just". Just 'Just'. Set is issued. Set high. Level cake. Level Photo? 'A few have been'. Several noise. "Namely as early as".
  • Tu Jiang: Rabbit down. Aaaw, Tu means Rabbit. And Map, too. Huh. Okay. Rabbit Speak. Rabbit river? Spit ginger. Spit river? Rabbit ginger! Aaaw, ginger rabbit. Aaaw.
  • Wu Yuen: Five in grace. Five Rain Well. (Rainwell is a great last name.) Five Fish Pressed. Five libraries.

Still need to fuck with these.
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