Week 42 debriefing: Drama Bomb

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Week 42 debriefing: Drama Bomb

Post  Wei Xu on Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:30 am

Team: Wei Xu, Tansai Kay, Han Ji, Cyrus Inkwell

Mission target: A warehouse in Seoul where an Ai-Jinn group was producing meatdolls

Mission objectives: Gather evidence of meatdoll production, find any links to other meatdoll places or to customers, steal a neural stapler for the cyberpunks in repayment for finding this place

Mission write-up: Initial reconnaissance of the target revealed that the side entrance in an alley off a market was watched by a couple of augmented thugs. Tansai found and bribed some small children to distract the guard while the team stealthed past and entered the building. Unfortunately, there was a guard on the other side of the door, and a botched assassination roll from Xu confirmed the presence of the team, beginning combat with a large room full of augmented thugs, who were interrupted playing poker, watching TV etc. Other notable features of the room included a drugs lab in one corner, a prison area containing four scared people, a number of meatdolls on cots, a large enclosed area that would later be revealed to be a "sexatorium", a room on a small upper level and a curtained-off area.

Combat ensued, at first going very well for the team, thanks to a frankly astounding level of incompetence and bad luck from the thugs. Highlights included: a lab tech accidentally firebombing one of the meatdolls on a cot, Xu in a cyberframe grabbing the same lab tech and using him as a meatshield, Tansai throwing galvanic grenades at a man's feet and frying him, a thug with a rocket launcher accidentally blowing the drugs lab and filling a corner of the room with toxic fumes and then killing himself and another thug with a misfire, two men running almost naked out of the sexatorium and being killed by a frag grenade from their own side, Cyrus being very deadly with a sniper rifle and a thug killing himself with a blade launcher. Then a naked woman covered in scars ran out of the curtained area into the gunfight, screaming for help, at which point Xu jumped on her and tried to shield her with his cyberframe. At which point, she exploded with extreme violence.

Xu survived, but was virtually reduced to a smear on the inside of his destroyed cyberframe. At this point, the combat suddenly became a lot more tense and serious. Han ran over to Xu and managed to stabilise what was left of him, Tansai was almost killed by a man with a shotgun, one of them got away and brought in reinforcements from the street and Cyrus sniped to death a second scarred naked woman who emerged from the curtained area. Eventually, the team emerged victorious, although battered, with one thug hiding in the portaloos and one in the curtained area. The team remote-summoned the truck that had been brought, and searched the place.

Cyrus went to the prisoners and, after some language difficulties, got them to bring the unconscious and almost-dead Xu to the truck. Han went into the curtained area, and found a doctor, the thug and a meatdoll in a nurse outfit. After some...negotiation, the doctor and the thug were taken captive and loaded into the truck. Tansai went to the room upstairs, and found the neural stapler, a technician and an assassin. The assassin escaped into the portaloos, the technician was questioned, refused to say anything, and was executed. Everyone took photos. The neural stapler was dismantled and carried out by Tansai and Cyrus. The truck was loaded up, shot at by a sniper, and then drove off.

Cyrus, Xu and the freed prisoners were dropped off at a hospital, Tansai, the doctor and the thug were dropped off at Oracle HQ for a little...talk, and Han went to drop off the neural stapler to the cyberpunks. Tansai managed to extract from the doctor the names of some of those who were getting meatdolls, and then both the doctor and the thug were disposed of.

Wei Xu's comments: Well, obviously I don't have the best recollection of the last half of the mission, but it seems that all objectives were fulfilled and some civilians were even rescued. Shame about the whole explosion incident, but my thanks to Han for keeping me alive despite that. If anyone wants to contact me, I'll probably be in hospital for a while. Still, overall, it seems it came out a success.
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Re: Week 42 debriefing: Drama Bomb

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:13 pm

Data put up for sale
Meatdoll customer name: Johnathan Geiger (EI)
Meatdoll customer name: Yamaguchi Hikaru (S.Y)
Images of Neural Patterner
Images of Meatdolls being kept

Data Sales
The customers both wisely purchased their names back before the UIG caught wind of what they were up to. Luckily for us their parent Corporations were willing to put up quite a bit of currency on their behalf, I imagine that they will be having some tense discussions with their superiors.
The images of meatdolls and the patterner were bought for modest sums by the UIG, who are happy to have some circumstantial evidence against the Ai Jinn in this regard (and that we put a violent stop to it). I'll be awarding some rank points for your efforts in this regard.

Comments from CEO Lee
A good little white operation there. The Ai Jinn will be even more upset with us, but at least there wasn't anything really incriminating in there. I have no idea what the Shi Yukiro will make of us trying to name and shame one of their people, so watch your backs everyone.

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