Week 41 Debriefing: A Granade in the hand is worth two in the Wolf

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Week 41 Debriefing: A Granade in the hand is worth two in the Wolf

Post  Ace Nizky on Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:53 pm

Agents on this mission: Ace, Han, Marjorie, Tansai.

The initial intelligence for this mission was considerably lacking. What we did know was there was a disused prison on Koror Island that was being guarded by Lanzas personnel, which was clearly suspicious. Scout power reported that there were approximately 5 people locked in cells and somewhere between 0 and 15 Lanzas Agents. We also had no idea what they were doing or if it was even illegal or would lead to information of note. We did know that the division inside had a reputation for being sent after difficult targets, so we assumed they must be guarding something good.

After a fairly long planning session two things were decided. First that we shouldn’t kill anyone inside, second that we should enter via the sewers. After following a detailed map discovered by Marjorie the team followed the sewers until they reached a portion that would not have been out of place in a video game. Pipes ran along the length of the sewers leading to our entry point and spewed out hot steam at regular intervals. With Han’s expert eye to spot a path and agility to plot it first the team successfully passed the steam vents, concluding that they were being used as a makeshift heat sink to hide the heat signature of a generator from orbital or aerial detectors. The team used the modern equivalent of a mirror on a stick to scout out the inside of the prison shower room from below and were surprised to discover strange prism like devises on every grate cover. Unaware of what these contraptions did the team retreated past the obstacle course and attempted to gain entry another way.

As the underground approach had failed the next logical step was aerial insertion. The team bingo-winged down from the stealthed ‘copter and landed on top of the medical wing, all apart from Marjorie who missed completely and landed awkwardly in front of the main doors to the building. Luckily she was apparently undetected and after the regrouped team held onto a large block of concrete as it was sliced out of the ceiling of the medial wing below. At this point things started to go wrong as apparently the combined might of four Agents was still not enough to hold a large heavy slab of concrete up and the team was dragged into the depths of the wing. The following events take place in a dark room that is filled with concrete dust, making vision incredibly difficult.

The team split up, each going in a different cardinal direction. After some fumbling Han and Marj found an old computer system and extracted a large amount of Two-Snakes medical data that was very much out of place in context. Ace and Tansai found a door, which was flung open by Tansai and Ace, with military precision, entered the corridor beyond and seeing nothing. Moments later, with military precision, he was assassinated just before the door Tansai was sheltering behind was melted by plasma machine gun fire. Running into the room to take out the plasma wielding Agent Tansai was blindsided by a Cyberwolf. Thus it was with their medpacks returning them to the threshold of consciousness that Ace and Tansai had the same idea. They both detonated galvanic grenades almost simultaneously proving that their foes were not suitably grounded.

Meanwhile in the wing Han and Marj had to contend with two agents on zip lines that were firing through barred windows and another assassin. Marj was hit with a suitably powerful EMP blast to shut down her cybernetics and Han executed some Agents. When the fight was over the Oracle Agents had taken significant casualties but no fatalities, while three Lanzas agents were dead and two were fleeing. Thanks to nano-resuscitation packs two of the Agent were saved but the third had been executed with excessive force, leaving just a splatter of gore where there was once a person.

After a thorough exploration of the prison four people with no chips were in cells, and a fifth person was in a status pod, linked directly to the D-cell powering the building. Interrogating the Agents revealed that the 4 people were nearly mindless and they were utterly terrified of the status pod, pleading us to not let it out. After some debate it was decided not to call the UIG, and the team left.

Ace’s comments:

We had very little information going into this mission and quite a lot of interesting information coming out, which I would classify as a success. Despite being ambushed by Agents expecting an attack we held our own very well and none of our team died. The same cannot be said for the opposing team. Given Han has specifically trained in non-lethal take down of Agents and was explaining how he could do so prior to the engagement, and given that he disobeyed a direct order to leave all opposing Agents alive in this mission I have no choice but to recommend disciplinary action be undertaken, at the behest of the CEO.
Ace Nizky

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Re: Week 41 Debriefing: A Granade in the hand is worth two in the Wolf

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:25 pm

Data sales:
Psychic research medical database - There wasn't anything beyond fairly basic medical history and basic bio-feeds in the medical database. However, the hackers did manage to ID one of the prisoners as an EI worker who went missing from Eden Spire about a year ago; Evelyn Alvarez.
Two-Snakes coughed up the cash to keep this under wraps. Gotta love those EI boys and girls, or at least their access to capital.

Location & Contents of prison facility - Two snakes bought this up before it got to market as well. They probably wanted a few days head start before the UIG or another corporation came to investigate.

Lanzas personnel involved - The folks you wrestled with were all known Lanzas operatives of ranks 2-3. The one you killed so thoroughly was known as "Scythe". I'd make some sort of joke based on his name, but I think maybe it would be in bad taste so soon after his departure in the line of duty.
Two Snakes didn't stop the information going to market, but Lanzas bought it up pretty quick to keep their dealings a little more private.

Comments from CEO Lee: Ace Nizky, if you have a problem with another member of a mission team and you really must regale me with your opinions then please use a less public medium. I'm not some mother hen who'll come a-runnin' and a-squawkin' whenever you chicks start having a play-fight.

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