Vehicle Combat System

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Vehicle Combat System

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Evasive Piloting/Driving
A pilot or driver of a vehicle can elect to move evasively at the start of each round. Moving evasively gives anyone attempting to target the vehicle a penalty to hit and an equal penalty to anyone in the vehicle to target the enemy. The penalty taken is chosen by the pilot/driver and can be a maximum of their relevant pilot/driving skill.

Actions per round
Vehicle occupants can perform two actions to control a vehicle system each round. Performing an action not controlled by a vehicle system falls under the combat rules examined in the core rules and is always limited to a single action. For example, firing a tank's rail gun is a single action, so the gunner can also fire a missile system in their round. Leaning out of the window to hit someone with a sword is not controlling a tank system, and so will be the only action that the crazy gunner can do in that round.

Aiming a weapon is considered a separate action to firing a weapon. Weapons that can auto-target or lock on to a target are therefore very useful and allow multiple systems to be fired per round. Details on which weapons have this capability will be published at a later date.

The pilot/driver of the vehicle is always considered to be using one system (i.e. steering the vehicle) unless the vehicle is not in motion. They can still activate another system in the vehicle during their turn, such as firing a weapon system or changing the radio station. If a weapon system is aimed by steering the vehicle (such as front-facing cannons on aircraft or guns hidden in a car's headlights) then aiming these can be done by the drive/pilot action, as long as it is not used for anything else. This allows a pilot/driver to aim and fire in a single round, provided they are not trying to do anything fancy like barrel rolls etc.

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