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Dream Hacking System

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The Oracle Dream Hacking House Rules
Dream hacking is detailed in The Mind Unbound, page 142-147 and in my opinion needs a lot of work. Here are the changes to the system/setting that I am making.

Dreamhacker Training
This no longer gives a bonus to DCRT rolls. Instead, it simply allows you to control a DCRT rig. If you do not have this training you cannot operate a DCRT rig.

There is no injection roll. The injection/manifestation system in The Mind Unbound is needlessly complex imho. Injection is simply assumed to work. When your Eidolon forms it has the equipment it should have as described in the book, but there is no 'load out' roll for extra stuff. If you need anything else, you'll need to manifest it with dreamscaping later or be given it by the GM in the name of fairness.

TE and Ammunition
While in the dreamscape all of your weapons have unlimited ammunition unless something happens to remove this ability. Telepathic powers do not use TE if they are used without any modifiers (such as activating as a free action, forcing the power, etc.). If a modifier/s is/are used with a telepathic power then the normal TE cost of the power is divided by 2.
TE is replenished at a much slower rate in the dreamscape than in reality. The time taken to restore TE is increased by 4x.

Dreamscaping is much more subtle than described in The Mind Unbound. Instead of using it to attack things and forcefully change the world, you may only use dreamscaping to add to the scene in a way that can make coherent sense. If the dream is all ready breaking down, this rule is somewhat relaxed.

The roll for dreamscaping is no longer Presence + Psychology. Instead, it is Presence + Endurance, making it similar to telepathic rolls. If the roll fails then nothing happens. If the roll succeeds then the desired effect will probably manifest, but dissonance may automatically increase based on a secret dice roll by the GM. You then roll 1d10 and lose that many TE points. If you have no TE points then you cannot dreamscape any more.

For example, Agent Smith is in Agent Johnson's dreamscape and has been trapped in a bathroom, hiding from melanbrach werewolves. Agent Smith cannot use dreamscaping to directly harm the melan-wolves or to simply teleport away. However, Agent Smith decides to dreamscape so that there is a secret trapdoor in the bathroom that leads to the basement. This is odd, but not so unusual that it would make reality fall in on itself. Agent Smith makes a successful Presence + Endurance roll and finds the trapdoor hidden under a rug; the door did not just appear, it had always been there.

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