News Reports for Week 36

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News Reports for Week 36

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UIG Authorizes WF control of Taiwan Island
The UIG authorized the WF's military forces to bring the situation in Keelung Old City "under control by any means necessary" on monday this week. The WF forces were on high alert after an attack in week 33 and are world famous for their ability to pacify urban environments. The Urban Assault Specialist (UAS) forced both Ai Jinn security forces and rebel groups to down arms and cease fire. Reports indicate that the Ai Jinn are extremely upset about this situation and that the rebel groups involved in the fighting have gone into hiding. Remarkably few casualties were recorded during the operation.
The WF has been allowed to remain in the area indefinitely by the UIG. This effectively makes the Taiwan Island into a WF territory. The markets reacted negatively to this, with many investors worried that the UIG are too powerful and are preparing to bring in more laws and regulations.

Local news:
Vigilantism in Seoul
Up to seven new vigilantes have been recorded in the Seoul Old City in the last two months, though they have had no noticeable affect on the local crime rates. A team of analysts based at Seoul University are performing an investigation into the psychology of masked crime fighters and are asking residents to fill out some surveys. The team hopes to find out if there are local sociological variables that are contributing to this upswing in vigilantism, while areas such as Shanghai have actually seen a significant reduction in the activity recently.

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