Week 36 Debriefing: Holes in the Floor

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Week 36 Debriefing: Holes in the Floor

Post  HanJi on Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:09 pm

After a long spate of investigations regarding the gangs operating in and around Shanghai, evidence had been uncovered that 4 members of the street gang Rampaging Monkeys had managed to take out a UIG outpost using cheap kinetic weapons. Speaking as a kinetic weapons specialist, that doesn’t generally happen. At all. After some further digging and infiltration, it transpired that the gang members had been given some kind of drug by the Ai-Jinn, three of them were dead, and one was insane and being studied in a local Ai-Jinn gang safe house.

After some initial reconnaissance, the team settled on infiltrating the safe house from the floor above the building. They entered silently, and knocked out the inhabitants of the apartment, thankfully without incident. Agent Tansai Kay then arranged things to make said victims believe that they had fallen unconscious while drinking.

After probing the lower floor with both scout powder and a serpent camera, we judged it safe to enter, and dropped down from closet to closet after using a plasma cutter to cut a hole in the floor. As they proceeded, invisibly through the safe house, they were surprised when two things happened.

The first was Agent Nizky falling through the weak floor, right in the middle of a group of scientists/doctors, and a man cross legged and meditating.

The second was a sneak attack on Agent Han Ji by an invisible shotgun wielding agent.

While Han Ji dealt with the shotgun specialist, who rivalled Han in terms of skill, Ace was struck by a telepath using EMP Assault. Fortunately, his Cyberframe is reinforced against such an attack. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for his Neural Jack or other cybernetics, rendering them inoperative and forcing him to eject from the cyber frame anyway.

Han dispatched the shotgun wielding assassin, while Xu and Positron utilized melee combat to great effect in order to severely wound the telepath, forcing his retreat.

After reviving one of the scientists who had been killed by the Ai-Jinn telepath and briefly interrogating him about the condition of the imprisoned crazy gang member, the team proceeded to “Oracle” the place and take all the information, potential samples and other such useful things, then erase the original data.
The words “Suck it!” were then painted on the wall in nano-surveillance paint.
Two augmented Doctors were also taken prisoner for further questioning, but at polite urging from the UIG via the CEO, they were released before this could occur.

Han Ji’s Comments: All in all, a pretty excellent mission. Despite a few minor hiccups and the sudden cessation of stealth in favour combat, the team escaped relatively unscathed, allowing us to get away with the data, samples and a lot of quantum camera data regarding their set up. Personally, I’m not so much a fan of being surprised by a woman with a pair of shotguns, but it’s always engaging to fight a solid opponent.
Besides that, what else can I say, but Go Us? Oh, and it’s always nice to screw with the Ai-Jinn.

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Re: Week 36 Debriefing: Holes in the Floor

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:59 pm

Data put up for sale
Medical data, samples and recordings of the subject

Data sales
The Ai Jinn bought the information right back before Two snakes could even learn it existed. Something in those samples and that data is important to them.

Comments from CEO Lee
The Ai Jinn knew we took their doctors and went straight to the UIG to get them back, and to stop us questioning them. Sadly, I don't hold enough sway with the UIG to get away with kidnapping in the Eastern Bank... At least kidnapping that they know about.

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