News Reports for Week 35

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News Reports for Week 35

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:47 pm

Keelung fighting continues. Rebels send Signal
A video was broadcast from within Keelung, proporting to be from the rebels causing the violence. Below is a description of the broadcast:
A video appears showing 'resistance' members inside a building. The constant rumbles and shaking in the background suggests that it is under heavy attack by the Ai Jinn. Three people are on screen; a male samurai, a Japanese businesswoman and a young Asian man dressed in ragged clothes. The woman speaks in mandarin, in eloquent, steady speech.
"We are the Keelung Resistance. We request independence from Corporate entities. The UIG has one week to comply with this request. They know what will happen if they do not." The signal then begins to loop for the next hour.
The fighting did not let up for the entire week. The Ai Jinn security forces have not made any progress and have requested permission from the UIG to use Cyberlins and forced evacuation to clear the area of security threats. UIG sources also indicate that the Ai Jinn have requested permission to create a no-fly zone around the city and to allow the use of nano-cluster munitions in an emergency.

Three Dead in Madrid Spire
At least three civilians were killed in the Madrid Spire this week when they attempted to leave their rooms. After forcing open the doors armed droids fired on the escapees without warning. An EI spokesperson stated "They probably should have stayed in their rooms then, shouldn't they?"

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