Week 33 Debriefing: Unforseen consequences

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Week 33 Debriefing: Unforseen consequences

Post  Ace Nizky on Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:28 am

Week 33 Debriefing: Unforeseen consequences

With the help of the American Underground the team spent 5 hours in a shipping container at the end of which they were deposited in the WA research facility in the middle of the Nevada desert. Inside they met with an underground sympathiser who provided them with ID badges and let them know that there was going to be a distraction in 20 minutes. The team split into two and deployed: Ace, Xu and Darya infiltrated the areal drone command centre while Shap and Cobra checked out the hangers for escape vehicles. After a short delay there was a far off explosion as someone created a distraction by blowing up the nearest Cyberlin.

In the command centre the team triggered the fire alarm, evacuating the staff and proceeded to hack the systems and steal three of the A.I.’s that were controlling drones. Explosives were set and we discovered that Xu needs oxygen to live and that locking ourselves in a durasteel box was probably not a good idea.

Meanwhile Cobra discovered a terrible looking aircraft full of expensive looking equipment and managed to reverse-jury-rig an aerial Drone that was attempting to leave the hanger. Shap triggered the fire-alarm in the stealth workshop containing the strangest looking jet plane I have ever seen and upon realising that none of the scientists working on the craft were moving started a fire of his own. We all discovered that High-Octane jet fuel and plasma cutters do not mix well, although it convinced the scientists that they really should evacuate the hanger.

Xu and Ace headed to the stealth plane to attempt to break into it while Darya took the A.I’s to Cobra and Shap in the terrible plane. Darya revived the scientists who were killed in the jet fuel explosion while Ace detonated the drone control centre before an assault drone could destroy the terrible plane, which left with two team members and the equipment on board.

In the other hanger the team managed to break into the strange plane and access the cockpit. After a brief conversation with the onboard A.I. Ace, Darya and Xu were catapulted out of the craft as the ejector seats fired and the canopy blew off. Having solved the space issue of the previously two seater aircraft Ace wrestled control of it from it's A.I. and managed to take off while Darya strapped everyone in to the now more spacious cockpit using copious amounts of Tex Tape.

Cobra and Shap managed to pilot their plane to an abandoned airstrip where they were smuggled out of the country via the Underground. The others flew screaming at high speeds through narrow canyons with far too much wind whipping at them before eventually being forced to crash land on Kiritimati island in the Pacific Ocean when the experimental craft ran out of fuel and fuselage.

Ace’s comments:
Good work everyone. We all pulled through as a team on this one, succeeding on a difficult mission without anyone dying, other than the people Darya managed to revive. I hope Shap will think twice before creating an explosion in a building full of people next time. Well done to Cobra for managing to fly that old piece of junk out and Xu for his expert data acquisition. I look forward to working with you all again in the future, when we eventualy get off this island.
Ace Nizky
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Re: Week 33 Debriefing: Unforseen consequences

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 12, 2012 8:37 pm

Information put up for sale:
Database of UAV locations throughout WF air space
Remains and rough designs for the Firefox 6000
3 A.Is from the research/programming mainframe
Sensor package from the less advanced plane

Comments from CEO Lee:
This mission was a rather spectacular success, despite the difficult environment and the military nature of the targets. Everyone needs to watch out for the WF now, since this has well and truly upset them. I expect them to begin taking action against us as soon as they possibly can.

Information Sales:
This was our biggest haul so far, primarily due to the military nature of the stolen information. The WF needs its UAV fleet to be the best in the world and would not let the Ai Jinn find out their secrets. The only stuff they did not prevent going to market was the Firefox 6000 information. This was bought up by the EI's Airforce R&D group. It didn't sell as well as I had hoped, but that was because upon closer inspection the Firefox was not all that useful; spy planes are of limited use when there are satellite networks and space shuttles whizzing overhead constantly.

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