Week 32 Debriefing: A Cultist, A Samurai, and a Cyberpunk All Walk into a Bar..

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Week 32 Debriefing: A Cultist, A Samurai, and a Cyberpunk All Walk into a Bar..

Post  Marjorie on Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:51 pm

The Mission

The team received a message to go to Oracle's hangar. When the sundry few who bothered to respond got there, they found Warrick and a hovering monstrosity that may have once been a UIG Iolite cruiser, stripped down of everything except structural support and arm holds. Seriously, you could see through it. The UIG Ranger deposited the team off on a rooftop in Keelung, handed them a transport beacon, and told them to go explore some suspicious building in the middle of the increasingly militarized-going-to-be-warzone of Keelung.

Cue a hilarious attempt to sneak through a city, not get hit by an APC of Ai-Jinn agents, avoid a sniper, eventually get hit by a sniper despite conning diversions, and a break in sequence to get to the building in question. It as cunningly disguised as a normal building, but inside the shielded walls our team found a cyberpunk, a chimera, a samurai, a heavy augmented man, and a "family cultist" trying to set up a transport beacon. After establishing friendly contact, the team discovered the assorted group was not practising for a joke, but was instead trying to send a message out to show what was happening in their city of Keelung. The Ai-Jinn then found our plucky group of adventurers, and the Oracle agents laid down covering fire to help the joke escape with their transmission equipment. Terrified of then dying, the order was issued to return home. Teleported to Cheng Du, the team was told to skedaddle as they were never there.

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Re: Week 32 Debriefing: A Cultist, A Samurai, and a Cyberpunk All Walk into a Bar..

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:32 pm

Information sold: Quantum camera picture and footage of "The Joke"

Information was bought by Bright & Sunny Media for a small amount.

Comments from CEO Lee: I would have liked to see more information about our strange new faction, but at least Warrick didn't get the satisfaction of killing you all with his "Being a super asshole" powers. Damn I hate that man.

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