News Reports for Week 31

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News Reports for Week 31

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:50 am

People Missing in Madrid Underswell
Up to 40 people have been reported missing this week in the Madrid Spire city underswell. The names of those involved are being kept private by EI sources because the investigation into their disappearance is ongoing.

Ai Jinn Advance into Disputed Keelung Old City
An Ai Jinn military force numbering up to 2000 soldiers and 150 vehicles has advanced into the old city of Keelung. The area is officially Shi Yukiro territory but the land has always been in dispute. The UIG has refused to commit forces to repel the invasion, stating that it does not wish to begin an armed conflict in the sensitive Eastern Bank region at this time.
The Ai Jinn force has taken up key positions on the outer edges of the city but have not reportedly
encountered any resistance. An Ai Jinn spokesperson issued a statement that the Ai Jinn forces "will move slowly into the city in order to restore security after the Shi Yukiro withdrawal. We come in peace."

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